2014 Projects

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BitCoffee (Won Most Innovative!)

Made by Andrew Sousa and Zach Ferland

A keurig machine that was torn apart and put back together with an aruduino, ir sensors and wifi connectivity. It allows people to purchase a coffee in Bitcoin. You pay and then it will begin to dispense coffee once you place your cup down. It serves as a model of what could be a protocol for bitcoin on connected objects as well as an example of instant or zero confirmation payments in bitcoin.

Applitude (Won Most Fun!)

Made by Arjun Balaji and Luke Van Seters

There is currently a grave deficit of audio-based adaptive color displays. With new technology such as Hue looking to help users express themselves in the somewhat untouched realm of illumination, we seek to be their shining light.

Echodrop (Won Best Design!)

Made by Matt Kolosick, Chris Beiser, Jacqueline Ali, Amelia Oon, Benji Smith, Nick Rioux, Allison Alder, Durward Benham, and Nikolai Wotton

Our application allows the user to anonymously place sounds at their location, allowing people who walk by that area to listen to these sounds. We see it as a way to enable homegrown artistic endeavor, free from the narcissism of ‘social media.’ We believe that in the digital age, it is critical to the human experience that there remain places free of ‘curation,’ in which intimate connections with passing strangers are allowed to retain their enduring mystery, and in which some information isn’t made universally accessible.

GiftGuru (Won Intuit’s Prize)###

Made by Lili Jiang and Styliani (Stella) Pantela

GiftGuru generates personalized gift suggestions for your loved ones and friends. After the gift receiver fills out his/her personal picks through our site or imports facebook likes, we analyze the data and call the amazon API to construct a set of most relevant gift recommendations. Target market is mainly college students and recent graduates, but it applies to everyone who faces gift picking difficulties.

Poetification (Won Least Likely to Make Money!)###

Made by Daniel Piet, Pasha Sadikov, and Tiffney Kitiratanasumpun

Poetification is a free tool transmogrifying your Twitter, Facebook, and possible other data sources into a poem. The tweets and the like are atomic, so they won’t be changed. The poem will be presented in a clean, sharable fashion through a well designed web interface. The intended demographic is all literary lovers, poets, and artisans, et cetera.

Productify (Won Best Quantified Self Hack)###

Made by Asaph Yuan and Ivan Uvarov

It’s a Chrome extension that tracks the time people spend on different categories of the website and presents this information to users in various forms including pie graph with daily statistics, bubble graph with weekly statistics etc. Also, it allows users to set limits for the time they spend on certain categories. When the limit is reached, the extension automatically blocks websites of this specific category. Furthermore, it allows users to enter distraction-free mode, where the extension blocks time-consuming website, such as social networks. So, it solves one of the biggest college students’ problem, allowing them to spend time on the web more productively.

Made by Huy Le, Tianyou Luo, Winston Chen, and Guanchen Zhang (Owen)

Users who browse through Reddit, Google, Wikipedia, news articles, Bing, and YouTube want information quickly and easily. With the SnappyLink Chrome extension, users may preview every article, Google link, YouTube video, and Reddit post by hovering their mouse over the link. The Chrome extension pops a mini browser within the space that displays a preview of the link, so that users can see whether the information is useful to them or not. Users don’t want to waste time clicking links to read content from every page while going back and forth, back and forth. Instead, they want speed and efficiency to see the content that they need to find. The target market are users of all ages. Every user wants to see his or her information as fast as possible especially the growing demographic of high school and college students who own personal laptops. We exploit the abundant users of data connecting websites like Google, Wikipedia, and YouTube, and provide a Chrome extension that eases and speeds the processing of information on the web.

Untitled Mixtapes (Won Best Use of APIs!)###

Made by Zack Hickman, Nat Dempkowski, and Sanders Lauture

Untitled Mixtapes is a python-backed web application that generates mixtape playlists, based on a given track, that actually make sense.

Simply putting similar songs together is something that works for a plain playlist, but when you create a mixtape, there’s some subjectivity involved in knowing how to pick which songs go in which order. We created a product that solves this subjective problem objectively.

Untitled Mixtapes hand picks beginning and ending songs specifically, and generates the entire middle sequence based on related artists, the energy level from the user-provided track, and some settings that can be manipulated by the user, like number of tracks and diversity in genres.

The algorithm behind Untitled Mixtapes builds the mixtape alternating between faster and slower songs around the original track’s energy level, moving from songs more similar to the original artist towards songs in further away genres. This creates a fresh experience for the listener and a chance to hear tracks in genres they had previously never given a chance. They can decide how diverse they want their mixtape to be.

We use last.fm’s API for related artists and EchoNest’s API to find track titles from related artists, and detailed track information afterwards. The detailed information we receive from this API is the core behind the track selection algorithm. Finally, we use Spotify’s API to publish the final playlist.

Split (Won Best Use of APIs!)###

Made by Rose DeMaio and Talia Swartz

The age old problem of when your friends don’t pay you for gas when you drive them places. Gosh, guys. Stop doing that.

Adventur (Won Most Innovative!)###

Made by John Martin, James Magnarelli, Eric Chin, Alex Jolly, and Dan Calacci

How many people really think about how boring they are? How many people miss out on exciting new experiences just outside of their daily routine?

Are you one of those people? Wouldn’t you like to know?

Be the Indiana Jones of your social group.

Explore new frontiers, just around the corner. Experience Adventur.

Adventur provides you with a quantitative measure of how adventurous you are and helps you find highly rated points of interest just outside of your geographic ‘comfort zone’.

Adventur uses your past location history to create a probabilistic model that is capable of predicting your future movements and creating a measurement of how predictable your past movements have been.

AJAT Social Gaming Platform (Finalist!)###

Made by Alexey Shablygin, John O’rourke, Tyler McCabe, and Adam Power

AJAT framework provides (or eventually will provide) a flexible way to create, organize and manage social role playing games (such as human vs. zombies). The main goal of AJAT is to encourage individuals/groups to create new exciting role playing games, or to modify existing ones, easily add players, and create all sorts of interactive events and challenges by incorporating Google Geolocation API. As a player, you will have a mobile app that allows you to keep track of your active games/join new ones, location activated game events and personal stats. As an administrator, you will have (again, eventually) a large variety of options to manage and modify your own game to fit specific preferences of your player base. The AJAT framework works across all three major operating systems, and will also provide a web-based interface as well.

baskets.io (Finalist)###

Made by Dylan Boudro and Kate Hutchinson

Baskets.io visualizes important spheres of your life using D3.js

We create one ‘basket’ visualization for each aspect of your life you would like to monitor (eg. Academic, Financial, Sleep, Health, etc).

Each basket contains nodes that correspond to important events in that sphere of your life. A large red node would depict a big purchase in your financial sphere while a small purple node would depict a power nap in your sleep schedule sphere.

We think this product could be used for business productivity tracking, personal management… really anything that needs to be easily and playfully tracked!

The Daily Planet (Finalist!)###

Made by Avery Gray, Namank Shah, and Nilesh Khaitan

The Daily Planet is your newspaper on the globe. It displays an interactive map interface, with news headlines about the countries in the map displayed on the left. The headlines have links to the full content of the articles. It allows users to search and jump to a location, and get relevant news articles for that location. The entire interface is dynamic, intuitive to use and real-time. Currently, we are working on adding filters by topics (Technology, Sports, etc.)

Crosspath (Finalist!)###

Made by Alex Koshy, Catherine Feldman, Phil Scarfi, Justin Marple, and Marc Rudowski

The app allows users to efficiently form groups and coordinate meeting places that are equidistant from each member. Users can quickly determine a meeting place and communicate it to the group through an intuitive visual display of results. Places can be viewed on a map or as a list. Second github link:

General Chombie (Finalist!)###

Made by Marco Chiang and Steven Tso

Ever set up an alarm in the morning only to find yourself snoozing all the time and leaving yourself an unknown amount of time to get ready for class or work?

General Chombie is the ultimate Pebble application that keeps you on track with your schedule. We break your morning routine down and set a timer for each individual task.

For example, wake up at 6am and the first task is to shower. Your watch wakes you up and tells you your first task is to shower and starts the timer for 10 minutes to get in and out. As soon as your 10 minutes is up it moves onto the next task. You now have 2 minutes to brush your teeth… etc.

Our goal is to help business professionals, students, and anyone with a routine to make sure they are on schedule to make sure they can get to the important things in their day.


Made by Christopher Scott

By sending a tweet to @BeanAdvisor, you can get information about the best food, hotels, an attractions in your area. Don’t forget to include a hashtag for what you’re in the mood for (ex: #food, #noms, #hotels, #thingstodo and so on). Feel like a local wherever you go with @BeanAdvisor! (Brought to you by TripAdvisor)


Made by Patrick Collins, Niketh Murali, Alex Ung, and Albert Ung

You click the more clicks the more awesome.


Made by Michael Coppola

Allows a user to upload binaries of any common architecture (x86/x64/ARM/MIPS) and provides a full disassembly. Will also provide assembly and compilation services for .asm and .c files to all supported architectures.

Food Boy###

Tommy Nguyen, Nate Fuller, David Nguyen, Jenny Jolley, and Ari Ross

Our project is Food Boy. Perhaps one of the many soon to be known names that have risen from nowhere. Angry Birds, Flappy Bird, anyone can name it. Simple, yet challenging. Developed as an Applet and soon to be ported to the Android platform, Food Boy will meet its way into the market. The mechanics involve rapidly grabbing and eating food from conveyor belts, without grabbing spoiled food or letting food be spilled on the floor. Test your luck against Food Boy! A game for all ages.


Made by Akshar Bonu, Timothy Chong, and Calvin Chin

Fuel leverages key aspects of human nature – the desire to set challenges for oneself. But, we are not like the millions of other challenge apps are there because we’ve made a challenge app that makes sure that you never fail – that you never run out of fuel.

When you make a challenge, you’re motivated, you know exactly why you’re doing what you’re doing. Over the course of your challenge, you may want to give up because you’ve forgotten or can’t feel what made you start. We solve that.

Fuel lets you save what inspired you to make your challenge as messages, videos, and images to your later self that can recall on them when he or she maybe low on inspiration – or as we like to say, low on fuel.

We’ve made a challenge app that actually works.

Gather This###

Made by Oscar Lee Spencer III

It is a mobile application that assists the Magic: The Gathering player. It features a life counter, one that is simple and easy to use. It also allows the user to browse any card in the game, and features the full comprehensive rulebook.


Made by Sarah “L. L. Cool J” Laplante and James Grammatikos

Our software aims to analyze rhythmic and tonal patterns in music. AND THEN KICKS ASS BECAUSE IT’S LITERALLY THE BEST THING EVER. You’ll see.


Made by Oleg Vaskevich, Cameron Sun, Konstantin Gizdarski, Kevin Yang, and Bobby Singh


Made by Gasper Chan, Michael Hu, Geoffrey Wong, and Matthew Coleman

Everyone who’s ever hosted a party or any other type of social gathering knows how difficult it can be to try to create that perfect playlist. Worry no more! With Playlistr, it’s a breeze for your friends to help you find and play the music for an unforgettable experience.


Made by Kaelan Cooter and Tyler Hallada

Scribeo is a social text editor for creative writers that helps suggest words and phrases in order to facilitate the creative process. Take advantage of natural language processing technology to quickly and more effectively write in the digital age. All work is saved instantly in the cloud as you write for easy sharing and critiquing with friends.

#selfiEE (Finalist!)###

Made by Zachary Goodman and Omid Meh

Uses webcam to recognize facial emotions, transmits information over a wireless network to an LED grid smiley face that mimics the emotion.

The Shaft###

Made by Chris Kolek, Ryan Sullivan, and Deniz Ozkaynak

A social Android app that lets users create or join groups of friends and share embarrassing and hilarious stories about each other. Users can vote on each other’s stories throughout the week (votes hidden). At the end of the week the top story is revealed and wins the title of “The Shaft” until next week.


Made by Nigil Lee, Kevin Oleary, and Noah Bedford

Email is overwhelming. Notes from lovers, haters, spammers, scammers, and everything above, below, and in between bombard you in a neverending assault, and when you try to hide in your titanium bomb shelter, they flood you and you drown. Don’t worry, though– Simplifly is here to reincarnate you as a sleek silver fox, concerned only with events, non-spam- promotions, and shipping data.

Your email is now a to-do list. You are now focused, adept. You now know exactly how many pieces of fruit your mother wants, where and when the party starts, where your package is and how to get the best deal on watermelons, all through a gorgeous card UI backed by cutting edge natural language processing.

Simplifly will stop at nothing to increase your productivity, routing your every email through our highly trained robot assassins, each keen on destroying the unnecessary information bound on binding you to an inferior and pitiable existence. You’ll be safe with them, rising up into the stratos in a comfortable armchair, enjoying the power of simpliflight.


Made by Daniel Jay “DJ” Hartman and Andrew “The Grand Poobah” Reda

Twitgram is going to disrupt the funny internet content generated from your data.” We expect a valuation similar to snapchat, but more than 3bn because it’s like a combination of twitter AND instagram.

But really, we were inspired by the webcomics “a softer world and “Twitter: The Comic” as well as projects like #wwis. Generate a fun comic from your instagrams and tweets!

valas (the Vengeful Auth.Log Analysis Script)###

Made by Mark Mossberg

Have you ever happened to glance through some of your Ubuntu server logs and noticed an awful lot of really weird log in attempts from IP Addresses and users you don’t recognize? Well have no fear, because “valas” (the Vengeful Auth.Log Analysis Script) is here to shed some light on this scene and give you some facts and analytics about these login attempts.

oh yeah, and might just port scan them too. For fun. I mean science.


Made by John Kohler, Lukas Berger, and Greg Skloot

Connects with Facebook so users can post about their friends anonymously. Similar to the popular Facebook groups like ‘northeastern complements’ and ‘spotted’, but offers a cleaner interface and immediate posting without a middle-man.

Why Not###

Made by Korbin Shuffleton, Martin Manser, and Stephanie Lee

An app that allows users to create and complete challenges. The goal is to provide a medium for people to encourage others to try different activities in the form of challenges.

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