2016 Projects

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Ragtag (Won Most Technically Challenging Award!)

Made by Brittany Chiang, Kevin Cai, Teddy Burns

PoliTweet (Won Best Visual/UI/UX Design!)

Made by Justin Kennedy, Andrew Bass, Mathew Gramigna, Jack Nichols

Foam (Won Team Frosh Memorial Award!)###

Made by Dylan Boudro, Erika McVey, Abhijeet Sharma, Olivia DeFlumeri, Nadine Shaalan, Bahar Haji-Sheikhi

khaled-script (Won Least Likely to Make Money Award!)

Made by Arjun Balaji

Emovi (by the Gettem Next Timers) (Won Most Fun Idea!)

Made by Daniel Cohen and Nicolas Westin

Pecan (Won Best Use of Wolfram Technology Award!)###

Made by Omkar Bhat, Ty Coghlan, Raj Narayan, Kevin Liu

The Hound (Won indico’s Prize!)###

Made by Corey Clemente, Ebrahim Ebrahim, Dillon Sienko


Made by Rebecca Bagley, Karen Zheung, Zhihe Shen, Tammy Huynh, Bjorn Shen

What’s On My Plate (WOMP)/Team Cool Kids

Made by Gary Calzada, Victoria Yang, Yifan Xing, Jovaun Jackson, Monsurat Olaosebikan

Hack Connection

Made by Nathan Goodman, Angela Massey, Charlotte O’Neill, Logan Moore, Emily Hontoria

Sharks and Minnows

Made by Chris DeLucia, Dan Gorelick, Huy Le, Cheyan Setayesh, Andy Shen, Kaitlen Sousa, Simon Ton


Made by Rami McCarthy, Tom Kowalski & David Shoyket


Made by Alfred Ababio, Matthew Capone, Brendan Ross, Joseph Crotty,

Long Story Short

Made by Dat Bac Do, Kyle Frick, An Huynh, Justin Wright


Made by Alex Grundwerg, Dorian Franklin

Matthias Madness

Made by Emily Daniel


Made by Patrick Watrous


Made by Alejandro Mera

Close Call

Made by Nat Dempkowski, Andrew Knueven, Sanders Lauture, Tevin Otieno


Made by Michael Hu, Nikolai Wotton, Quan Do, Kevin Luo

Startup Query Language

Made by Michael Coppola

Team Giant Robot Dog

Made by Matthew Coleman, John Williams, Max Lever


Made by Mark Mossberg

A Hard G

Made by Gen Ohta

My Immortal Hotline

Made by Jaben McCormack

MealMate/Fanatic Four

Made by Tommy Nguyen, Calvin Mei, Kayla Nguyen, Michelle Chan


Made by Catherine Feldman, Adam Mullarkey, James Yanyuk, and Michael Markman


Made by Adrian Kant, Niousha Jafari, Jaclyn Iulianetti


Made by Vignesh Mohankumar, Eric Yu


Made by Alexey Shablygin, Alexander Stokes


Made by James Sullivan, Cameron Wheeler


Made by Danielle Nguyen, Nick Zuber

Relationship Tracker

Made by Marshall White


Made by Tina Lee, Gabriel Centeno, Kristy Chen, Trent Duffy

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