2017 Projects

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Infinity Warp Drive (Won Least Likely to Make Money Award!)

Made by Eric Parker, Joseph Ruane, and Trevor Sanders

We offer a solution to get infinite cloud storage for free!

Crowd DJ (Won Best Visual/UI/UX Design Award!)

Made by Brittany Chiang, Camden Phalen, John Martin, Ben Campbell, Drew Pomerleau, and Julie Tennett

Crowd DJ is a web app that allows people who are at a party or social gathering with a DJ to request songs via their smartphones. The web app allows people to see the currently playing song, request songs, upvote songs, and rate songs so the DJ can see how the crowd is feeling and act accordingly. In other words, Crowd DJ is essentially a crowdsourced music queue.

ProjectDumpster (Won Team Frosh Award!)

Made by Sean Connolly and Ernie Hao

Minecraft plus guns, minus the crafting.

EmojiScript (Won Most Fun Award!)

Made by Daniel Cohen, Nathan Goodman, and Milo Turner

A modern, dynamically typed, state-of-the-art programming language that, for the first time ever, brings emojis to the playing field in language syntax.

SecureStash (Won Most Technically Challenging Award!)

Made by Keith Miller, Carter McCardwell, and Douglas Schonholtz

SecureStash is a pill/liquor cabinet built to prevent teens from abusing their parents drugs. Using facial recognition we can authenticate users who are allowed to access certain compartments as well as capture who was trying to break in.

Spill.it (1st in Best Use of indico’s API!)

Made by Jon Corbett, Brendan Reed, Noah Appleby, and Alex Lim

A party game using the indico API to have your friends spill the tea.

InTune (2nd in Best Use of indico’s API!)

Made by Catalina Berretta, Felicia Zhang, Ashna Shah and Teddy Sevilla

Be the star of your own life film. Enter a journal entry and InTune will analyze your moods to build a playlist that is a soundtrack of your day.

Birdsong (3rd in Best Use of indico’s API and won Genuine’s #InventTogether Award!)

Made by Nabeel Sherazi, Kyle Coelho, Cole Wuilleumier, Noah Sirin, and Khang Bui

A Twitter bot that intelligently distinguishes haikus leveraging the latest advancements in machine learning technology and plays an accompanying musical arrangement to fit the sentiment of the text.

Artist Expander

Made by Jon Zimbel

Build a Spotify playlist of top tracks from artists for which you have only 1 track saved. Helps you find more music from artists you’ve already shown interest in, but haven’t explored fully yet.

Fluff you, autocorrect!

Made by Olivia Wan, Emily Hontoria, and Alex Huntoon

Replaces any swears typed with random nice words! :D


Made by Neel Mehta and Allison Kao

A web application that helps patients find the cheapest medical procedures in their area and gives them access to hidden healthcare costs.


Made by Julia Ebert and Clark Teeple

Need to keep track of all those notes and code snippets with your group? Meet Looseleaf! Looseleaf is a mobile-friendly web app that lets you organize notebooks of math, code, and text notes to collaborate with your team. Leaf your notes here and set loose your imagination!

Search Smarter

Made by Raveena Jain, Shravali Reddy, and Tina Lee

Not getting the right search results when performing a Google search? With our Chrome extension, getting better search results it super easy!

Chase Morgan

Made by Chet Powers, Max Mesirow, Mariana Dematte, and Rudhra Raveendran

Generate memes with macheme learning.


Made by Monsurat Olaosebikan, Yifan Xing, Jovaun Jackson, and John Williams

Forget having to schedule everything yourself, let Overscheduled do it for you. Fair warning, you might actually be overscheduled.


Made by Sarah Chou, Grace Hall, and Jamie Cirne

Our idea was an iOS application that uses the camera and/or photo library to upload a picture and using Watson (IBM’s API) will be able to find missing kids or human traffickers and display information about them such as gender, age range, and facial expression. But what we ended up accomplishing (since it was our first time using Swift and Xcode, was an application that could change the background of the app based on the photo taken or uploaded. Also includes a dummy html page that shows information that IBM’s Watson API WOULD produce after viewing the photo and detecting facial features such as age, gender, and expressions.


Made by James Roberts, David Silva, Kait Sousa, Maxime Gautier, Raymond Huang, Anna Buchele, and Oscar Coen


Made by Warren Partridge, Ashley Deshields, Kevin Liang, Andres Rodriguez, Duy Nguyen, Gaspard Etienne, and Ryan Karjadi

Ever wonder how happy you sound to others on Twitter? Or how sad? Or angry? Well, now you can use this Beanie Babies project to find out! You’ll also be able to tell how other local Twitter users sound through their tweets, as well!

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