2020 Projects

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garbage.ai (Won Sustainability Hack!)

Made by William Stevenson and Abhinav Khushalani

Our auto-sorting trashcan will prevent people from trashing the recyclable!

TrashTalk (Won Best RPA Hack - Sponsored by PowerAdvocate!)

Made by Abhinav Agrawal and Shawn Martin

The battle against recycling contamination is everyone’s battle. This project is aimed towards automating waste sorting to benefit mother nature. The user clicks a picture of an item to be analyzed, and the application specifies which bin the item belongs to.

ARMote (Won Most Technically Challenging!)

Made by Andrew Tu, Megan Sapack, Tom Harmon, and Jason Booth

A augmented reality remote that connects any user to local IoT devices without previous authentication required breaking down the barrier to access these technologies.

Swipe To Vote (Won Best Boston Hack!)

Made by Yi Zhao, Nicholas Mullikin, and Ateev Nahar

Swipe to vote is a tinder-like application which provide a fun and easy swiping mechanism to encourage user to vote and to learn about politics.


Made by Anthony Mu, Krishanu Datta, ja0911 and Alex Daloiso

NEU gigs style app targeted towards college students looking to informally advertise their products, services, and social events in the Boston area.

Programming Language Playground

Made by Nithin Saripalli and Deepak Ramesh Sethuraman

An editor to explore Programming Language Semantics to help understand how programming languages work to help people become better programmers regardless of the language they use.

Volunteer Go (Won Most Likely To Make Money!)

Made by Garrett Smith, Vasu, Sadie Levy, Joshua Qin

Volunteer Go is like Pokemon Go, but for volunteering. Join one of three teams, the owls, foxes, and otters, and help them to win the whole Boston map!

Sprout Relationships (Won Most Embodying HackBeanpot Values!)

Made by Ciarra Peters, Luke Janik and Chev Eldrid

An app to help cultivate new relationships and nurture existing ones with suggested local activities and character customization!

Planning Planned Parenthood (Won Best Healthcare Hack - Sponsored By Kyruus!)

Made by Caterina Wang and Anika Rabenhorst

An algorithm for selecting a new MA Planned Parenthood location! Planning Planned Parenthood is an webpage that takes in user input on criteria they value most when selecting a Massachusetts County to place a Planned Parenthood. Our algorithmic weights each criteria based on the user’s ranking, and then produces the county that had the largest weighted sum value after assigning rank weights to each criteria.

ACTonClimateChange (Won Best Visual UI/UX!)

Made by Shraeya Srinivasan, Jill Lombardi, and Zachary Jarnagin

Climate change is one of the most pressing issues of our generation. Our web application prompts people to take action in the fight against it. The climate crisis is not waiting and neither should we.

gather (Won Most Inclusive Hack!)

Made by Jodi Robertson and Johanna Loepke

Gather makes get-togethers more inclusive, less wasteful, and easy to organize! Long live the potluck.


Made by Dennis Kats

GoodGreen is a social media app that allows for keeping track of environmental goals, both premade and user-generated. Users can add other people, join challenges, and see what their fellow users are up to. Users can see other users’ pages and what challenges they’re doing, and search for challenges and users.


Made by David Yan, Saahil Kumar, Cheng Xi Tsou, Stanley Wu, and Vevey Zhan

A Student’s Pocket Classroom Occupancy Viewer to remotely check which classrooms are occupied, which is especially helpful during midterms and finals.


Made by Danish Farooq, Jan Simson, Solomon Mankin, and Matthew Guthrie

Sustainability in Sight - This application takes a picture of an item and categorizes it as garbage, compost, or recycling. This would help the user figure out how to properly dispose of their waste.


Made by Sambasivam

ListNEU is a marketplace for Northeastern students to buy, sell, or trade products and services. The ultimate goal of ListNEU is simply to provide a community of trust.


Made by William Kopans

Have you ever wanted to hear a graph? AAAAAAAAustralia produces a graph and auditory method of interpreting data. Using Node.JS, we can collect data, and display the data not only as a graph but also as sound! The ability to hear graphs is not only a fun prospect but can also be used by people who cannot see or learn best through auditory input.

I’‘m Huuuungry

Made by Daniel Guddemi and David Malakh

Dead simple interface for finding nearby open restaurants of a specific cuisine. Options are curated to your preferences. Curates a list of cheap, nearby, restaurants based around a streamlined UI, even someone who’s not at 100% mental capacity could easily use it.


Made by John Abreu, Aquilae00, and Happyyguyy

Make some dough off your surplus produce! Farmy is a hyper-local, produce marketplace that connects gardeners with a surplus of veggies to friends and neighbors in their area looking for cheap, fresh produce. Whether you’re just growing a small pot of basil in your dorm or you’re a community garden manager, farmy is the only place that helps you find a home for locally-grown produce. After you upload a listing, others can contact you about purchasing your veggies/fruit.


Made by Spenser Cheung, Evan Orgra, Jaron Hylton, Matthew Lefebvre, and Christopher Myers

An easy-to-use web-based geo-tagging platform that allows users to discover lesser known events/activities in their area.

Guitar Ear Trainer

Made by Julian Hirn

Browser and Desktop game for guitar ear training. Learn to get those guitar notes right every time :)


Made by Jessica Ding, Sonia Popovic, Grace Hall, Gary Nguyen

A mobile app to show the real environmental cost of buying fast fashion - based on the type and composition of the item, our app will tell the user how many environmental resources were used in the item’s production, so they can decide whether or not to buy it or (in the store) or reevaluate their fashion choices (at home) without impacting their style.

Recycle Rewards

Made by Charles Williams, David Fu, Yinglin Wang, Scott Nelson, Kene Muogbo

How do you get more people to start recycling? The best motivator is a little friendly competition. Users take pictures of a QR code (that we would distribute to partnering companies to put on their products) and our app tracks how many times they have recycled. There is also a social capability where you can add friends to see their stats, and there is a leaderboard capability that tracks the best recycler on the app.


Made by Gino Jacob

Spot a tune for your buddy - Creates a unique link for you. Anyone who has access to it can find out what kind of songs you’ve been listening to, and if they think you could do better, they’d drop a tune to a playlist that you’ve designated! It’s social media for your music taste.


Made by Shine Kim and Kimin Lee

Always feel like you’re buying new groceries-and never cooking? Bento can help! Bento allows you to explore recipes you have access to from the comfort of your own home, without having to go buy more.


Made by Ryan Rio Mitchell, Isi Donnelly, David Zhuang

Intentionally knock off osu (Khosury), beautiful! For the future we want to flesh out the beatmap system and allow a user to select multiple beatmaps upon booting the game and additionally provide more of a menu. Another ideal feature would be a beatmap editor that allowed you to just drag notes and then save them, instead of writing json files!


Made by Nola Chen, Spencer Pozder, Rachel Volpert and Alexis Dubs

Reducing waste through social shaming. Whatever the bad habits may be, we want to help folks break them through powerful forces of social pressure and …. SHAME. Shamehub connects to your bank cards and displays purchases in categories you deem shameful for all of your friends to see and shame your for!


Made by Jin Young Bang, Rtchang, Richard Li, Kenny Alex Lin

Intense amounts of furniture that are left on the streets of the Greater Boston Area especially during move-in and move-out day. We created FreeBee for you to openly throw out and collect your items.


Made by Avery Peterson, Aaron Pradhan, Akash Shah, and Rahul Shah

An app for discovering local political candidates. Similar to Tinder, a user is able to see a candidate’s profile, including their key issues and opinions on many other important issues. What makes it unique is that we hide the name, face, and political party of each candidate, forcing the user to choose candidates solely based on their platform. If the user agrees with a candidate’s platform, they can swipe right to “match” with them. If they do not agree, they can swipe left to see the next candidate. Once they have gone through all the candidates, the user can then view their matches, revealing who they actually matched with. From there they can get more info from candidates’ own website, as well as register to vote.


Made by Andrew Huang and Ryan L

To promote food sustainability by encouraging food waste reduction and facilitating food exchange. Foocycle allows users to post about unwanted food items or leftovers within communities.

Level Up

Made by Zibing Zhang, Duchri, Anisa Anuar

Level Up is a four-player card game. The game has some interesting mechanics that makes it both unique to implement and that’s part of the reason behind why we picked it for our project!

Co-op Reviews

Made by Eric Stern, Eli Kirmayer, Justin Zhang, Hobin Yang

Reviewing co-op experiences! There isn’t a centralized system for students to learn about company’s interview processes and what it’s like to co-op somewhere, as it is not as common as interning.


Made by Krish Sharma and Arun Jeevanantham

Solving healthcare inaccessibility through connecting AI research and accessible technology. Our web app takes in images from a person’s cell phone and uses cutting-edge machine learning models to provide them with real time diagnosis for a given disease, capitalizing on the growth of cellular connectivity and innovations in artificial intelligence.


Made by Marissa D’Alonzo and John Alling

Like normal Jeopardy!, but based on everything about you! First, download your personal data from Facebook. Then, run it through our application, and enjoy a game of Jeopardy! that’s based off everything Facebook knows about you.

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