2021 Projects

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beanme (Won Camp HackBeanpot Spirit Award!)

Made by Bill Wohlers, Jake Sutter, and Max Hastings

Roommates aren’t picking up the slack? beanme is a fun way to keep track of who’s doing the work and who’s not. Form small groups and use beans as currency to encourage others to complete chores.

Search Sustainable (Won Most Inclusive Hack Award!)

Made by Eoin Daly, Ethan R, Mia Kotalik, and Hanieka Balint

Sustainable catalog searching

Book Toons (Won Hack for Joy Award!)

Made by Carissa Mok, Julie Wang, Judy Zhang, Megan Chong, and Adrianna Liu

Looking for good music to listen to while you read your favorite book? With Book Toons, you can search for any book you are reading and pair it with the perfect playlist, made just for you.

Campanion (Best Demo Video Award - Sponsored by ZipperHQ!)

Made by Snaeha Shriram, Praachi Khandekar, Aishwarya Sudarshan

The s’more the merrier.

Family Fridge (Best Rookies of the Year Award!)

Made by Sarah Lackey, Madison Lin, Samantha Merlino, Riya Patel, and Ishika Choudhary

Managing a fridge with your roommates, where some items are communal and others are not, is confusing. So we made Family Fridge: an app to manage groceries when living with roommates.

Track N’ Plan (Best UI / UX Award!)

Made by Anurag Arasan, Michael Shen, guptariti, and Miraj Desai

A platform for more productive planning, together.

AudioPartyTogether (Most Technically Challenging Award!)

Made by Nicholas Mullikin and Yi Zhao

Have you ever been to someone’s house and not liked the music? We check who’s in the room and play their music


Made by Ashna, richardwzp, Karen Li, and Julian Crowley

Twin Flame is a people matching platform, in which users answer series of questions regarding camping scenarios. We then use a custom-made algorithm to match them with whoever answered most similarly.


Made by Euann Gu, tanyakler, and Alice Yim

A platform to crowdsource stories in real time

Binge Watch Calculator

Made by Angelina Han, Kyle Smith, and Sean Kolczynski

An online calculator that tells you how frequently to watch episodes to finish a TV show by a date and projects your finish date based on your current rate of watching!


Made by Jaime Kvaternik, William Stevenson, Abhinav Khushalani, and Francisco Turdera

An app that intelligently curates personalized music sessions for you and your friends based on your individual music taste. Great for any gathering, from a zoom meeting to a campfire sing-along!


Made by kirby-chua, Shawn Robin, Ralph Dela Cruz, Nesanne Tam, and Esme Bonnin

A simple way to discover new songs, using swipe functionality inspired by Tinder!


Made by Steven Lee, Mohammed Mowla, and Wahedul Mahedi

Click me [Hacker] Steven Lee [Hacker] Mohammed Mowla [Hacker] Wahedul Mahedi


Made by Dennis Kats, Levikap Kaplan, Jack Rosen, Andrew Johnson, and Samuel Xifaras

Set up the perfect campsite with ease (with AR!)

Crowd Feud

Made by Gianluca Rago, Michael Cosgrove, Joe Callaghan, and Tommy Keating

Family-Feud style game for Twitch. The Twitch streamer (host and participants) survey the viewers for any question. Our backend groups the responses into the top categories for the game!


Made by Clayton Yan, Riley McAllister, jadenwei4, and Alan Xiao

Build relationships and foster organic interactions between students!


Made by Neel Sortur, Albert Zhang, Phillip Wei, and shivisood

Your weekly COVID weather report

Safe Electronics

Made by Benjamin Levin and Inbar Ofer

We wanted to make a simple project that utilized coding to control some electronics and the internals of a safe seemed like a cool project.

COVID-19 Vaccine Waste Tracker

Made by Elaina Phalen, Gabe Vordick, Sreya Katabathuni, and raemathews

The CDC is unable to accurately track how many COVID-19 vaccines go to waste everyday. We want to be the solution.


Made by Jamie Lin, Spencer, and Jessica Su

Create a platform to track the progress of your goals.


Made by Greg Kimatov, Bhavesh Shah, Betty Ong, and Daniel Borah

We want to help people travel safely and learn what locations related to their interests are currently open in their city of choice.


Made by Hayden DeAngelis, Ben Henderson, Esteban D. Espinoza, Danish Farooq, and Ashwin K Ashok

Ever tired of listening to bad songs at a socially distanced outdoor gathering or online? CampfireQueue is a website that allows people to add songs to a queue and vote on which song to play next.


Made by Spenser Cheung and Christopher Myers

We wanted to make a simple web app that will allow you to easily find information about National Parks and allow you to better plan your next trip!

Where to go when

Made by SophBr Breunig and Jan Simson

An interactive map to look for different activities across the world and the best time of year to travel there to fit your temperature preferences.


Made by Nivashini Suresh, Hadeel Farhan, Claire W., and jennya-alexeyeva

Keeping in touch doesn’t have to be hard. FriendForest reminds you to interact, gives you fun prompts, and stores events with your friends in shared calendars. Keep your friendship (tree) alive!

Name That 90’s Music Video!

Made by Vanessa Chatman, Jeannille Hiciano, and Yoselyn Cervantes

Quiz to see if you can recognize and name some of the most iconic 90’s music videos from 1 still alone!


Made by Tara Tam and Edward Fu

My Tamagotchi ate my homework?

Smokey Bot

Made by Nicholas Kim, Mitch Radvansky and Christopher Youn

A chat bot that answers your common questions about national parks


Made by Rahul Rao and willpreebs

A simple web app that connects those who need things with those who have them in real time.

Spotify Discovery Network

Made by jcorf, Kayla Wang and Shreyam Taneja

It is theorized that all people are connected within six degrees of separation. The Spotify Network utilizes that concept traverse the connection between artists based on song collaborations.

Sustainability Check Chrome Extension

Made by Birkenesl Birkenes

This chrome extension is meant to aid an environmentally-savy clothing shopper, by providing a quick sustainability check on the materials of the product (upon user selection).

Covid Data Compiler (CDC)

Made by Emily Hendrick, arielmahler, and Kristina Fujimoto

Compiling basic covid info for Massachusetts.

Your Board

Made by Kevin Cam, Vincent Spitale, Christopher Wu, and Paul Chafetz

Covid-19 has led to a rise in symptoms of loneliness due to isolation in quarantine. Thus, we created a chrome extension that converts the new tab page to a canvas where friends can leave messages.

Planting your Life

Made by Sahil Sangwan, Luca Demian, and Claire Chen

Planting your life starts here! Become a more mindful and conscientious person by setting your goals and timelines to reach them with this fun and empowering app.

Smid the Smore

Made by Kelly Jialin Ma, Jonathan Huang, Karen Zhu, and Cesare Lucido

Smid the Smore is a fun and interactive Discord bot!


Made by Thomas Purcell, Tri Watanasuparp, and Rachel Li

Compare your short term top listened to tracks with your long term listened to tracks on Spotify with our spotiFYE web app!

Foster Friends

Made by Abby Dennin, priyankalal7, and kreenatotala

Our goal is to make an app that connects foster parents to shelters in order to streamline the foster process. Overall, our app streamlines the foster process for the shelters, parents, and kittens.

dogGo: find your match!

Made by Belle Lim, Deirdre Murphy, Grace Ding, Joy Abe, Arkaprabha Ghatak, Ian Legge, and Onotina Imoudu

Adoption is a complex two-way street. We want to make it easier. Match your personality to a potential dog near you up for adoption!

Hiking With Dad

Made by Sebastien Fousse

A dad themed chatbot that can prepare a packing list for a day hike.

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