2022 Projects

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Oh duck! (Won Intergalactic Inclusion Award!)

Made by Karyna Yen, Victoria Bowen, Joyce Fang, Sam Merlino, and Sufi Kaur

We love ducks, and protecting the youth! The Internet is a scary place, so why not bring along some ducks to help you feel safe!

Hubble - Your Place For Space (Won Bext UX/UI!)

Made by Lucas Dunker, Sophia Villalba, Veronica Lekhtman, Crystal Zhang, and Luke Taylor

A Chrome Extension for the everyday astronaut, displaying planet data, the number of current people in space, the Hubble Telescope feed, and Nasa’s Picture of the Day.

SigLo (Won Most Innovative Award!)

Made by Andrey Piterkin, Nishil Patel, Ryan Saperstein, and Suraj Ramchandran

Reinvent your input.

Code2Joy (Won You’re the Space Jam Award - Hack for Joy!)

Made by Anita Yip, Ebtesam Haque, and Muntaser Syed

Creating music together — for joy!

Swaple (Won Rookie of the Year Award!)

Made by Tze Zhe Brandon Lim

It’s like a 5x5 grid for wordle, but you start with all the letters scrambled, and need to make swaps between the letters to form 5 words.

Blair (Won Most Likely to Launch Award!)

Made by Titamah Simpson and Mariana Nkoudou

Blair is a web app designed to connect Black hairstylists and people seeking out their services in the most simple way.


Made by Ross Newman and Venkat Pamulapati

An online speech synthesis tool that lets anyone create a voice profile in minutes and start converting text to speech in their own voice, as well as use the voices of others

Meteor Mania

Made by Rania Bhuiyan, Justyn Lewis, Jasmine McCoy, and britneyio

You are the comet that killed the dinosaurs! Avoid the asteroids coming your way and make it to earth!

Mari-No more waiting

Made by Devanshi Murpana, Sean McGuire, and Daniel Hsu

Wanna lift and make it swift? Upload your schedule onto our website and we will optimally compute a time for you to lift weights without the wait!

Astro Trash!

Made by Erica Shepherd, Qiana Mills, and Heekyung Kim

An out-of-this-world learning experience about the dangers of space debris.

Project Skyes

Made by Alexis Phan, Jason Gao, Lucy Ying, Tristen Li, and David Liu

We wanted to create a website that allowed users to find star gazing spots close to them.

Ms. Fens’ Gaggle

Made by Ula Bitinaitas, Derek Kaplan, Luis Toral, Deanna Turner, Julian Varga, and Emily Xu

Try to breed your geese to produce the best traits to impress Ms. Fens, the local goose caretaker!


Made by Carson Musser and hdelc02

Discord bot


Made by David Habboosh, Sean Guiry, Mohamad El Nayal, and David Sharick

Ever wish you could leave a review on someone’s profile on a dating app to stop others from going through the same mistakes you did? With nova, you are encouraged to be on your best behavior.

Recipe Recommender

Made by Emily Wang, Xinyu Wu, Brandon Xie, and Andrew L

Have you ever walked to your fridge and had no idea what to cook? We’ve got you covered! With the recipe recommender, you can simply input the ingredients you have on-hand and get many recipe ideas!


Made by maxnghja1998, Brian Nguyen, thaipham98, and Thuytien Bui

A soulmate from the stars

Star Watchers

Made by Will Walling-Sotolongo, bzeng68, and Joshua Ayaviri

A website to visualize and see search trends


Made by Ally Chao, Ha Ngo, Amaiya Brickhouse, and Megan Liu

Tired of hanging out in the same couple of places around campus? Bostonian can lend a hand. With all of Boston’s activities and sites at your fingertips, you’ll never get bored again.


Made by Nathan Kirschner and Rishi Agarwal

A note taking app for computer science students. Allows for easy transitions between text and code formatting.


Made by Madeline Chew and Jaeson Pyeon

ShopStock allows you to track the prices of your favorite Amazon products like they are a fluctuating stock.


Made by Rachel Kalafos, Raj Patel, Owen Loveluck, Joaquin Frommer, Jua Martos, Trevor Condon, and Ben Ockert

Travel itinerary meets the Amazing Race!

DIA Reference Bot

Made by Melody Liu, Kyle Lee, and Joshua Lin

Have you ever wanted to get art references, but you’re too lazy to leave Discord? Oh boy do we have the bot for you! The DIA Reference Bot comes with several commands to let you choose references!

Inky the Black Hole Pet

Made by Euann Gu, Rachael Cheung, and Jessica Luo

Inky the black hole keeps your desktop free of space clutter!


Made by Frank Anderson

Save your favorite places and places you want to visit!

Professor Racket

Made by melodicht, Lisa Jiang, Oliver Toh, and Jasmine Lai

Professor Racket is a website containing coding problems for Racket, displaying a list of resources on top of the problems to solve to make it more accessible to beginners.

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