2023 Projects

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SNAPpy (Won Fighting the Drought Award!)

Made by Jacob Kline, Andrew Caplan, Daniel Ostapenka, Emery Jacobowitz

Worked on a combination of front-end and backend features by creating API pipelines which connect to the user interface. In addition to Python, utilized JS, which was new for them.

FreshFarm (Won Best Dunes of the Sahara Award!)

Made by Kat Dizon, Allen Lin, Julia Lee, Daniel Kamen, Kelly Lau

We get really upset seeing so much food going to waste on campus. This got us to think about how food is being wasted all throughout our community, and not just on the table. This project, FreshFarm, focuses on minimizing food waste right at the source. Fresh produce doesn’t grow perfectly, so when grocery stores, markets, and restaurants demand perfect produce, 33% of food goes to waste due to small imperfections.

FormFusion (Won Surviving the Desert Award!)

Made by Aditya Boddepalli

Our web app leverages the power of AI to analyze and improve your workout routine. Users upload recorded exercise videos, which are processed by the proprietary machine learning API that we wrote. This technology provides instant feedback on form, enabling users to optimize their workouts. The annotated videos, including information about joint angles, are then displayed within the app for easy review and tracking of progress.

Page 14 (Won Fun in the Sun!)

Made by Amanda Rodriques

A novel dating app perfectly tailored for our literary-loving folk, focusing on the normalization of “gaga” over books, being blissfully queer, etc Page 14 gives users a safe space to smile.

Feed the Desert (Won Rookie of the Year!)

Made by Euann Gu, Mallory Gilligan, Chris Wyatt, Danny Rollo, Rachael Cheung, Madeline Zhang

Our project illustrates a clear, user-friendly data-map highlighting spaces in local communities that can be further developed to provide equitable infrastructure and access to necessary resources.

WiseWallet (Won Most Likely To Quest!)

Made by Alyssa Mui, Justin Pong, Nelson Dong

WiseWallet is a budgeting Chrome Extension designed to help you keep track of your expenses and stop making frivolous online purchases.


Made by Mikko Tripakis

Discover the events that matter to you with EVNTS. Our event-based social app leverages network graph algorithms to curate personalized event recommendations based on your social network.

Boston 101

Made by Pedro Pagani, Margols Margolin, Julia Ouritskaya

Join us on a journey to explore the city’s green gems and be a part of something truly special through Boston 101, your guide to everything Boston.

Time And Place (TAP)

Made by Cole0609, jarenadams21, calebblee Lee, Win Tongtawee, Tristen Li, Lucy Ying

Friendships made easy! Time And Place, or TAP, is a web application curated for those craving meaningful opportunities to connect with individuals and their community.


Made by Carissa Mok, Carissa Mok

Summarize a news article quickly with our Google Chrome extension to better understand current news.


Made by Sreevatsa03 Nukala, Rahil Badkul, Rahil Badkul

Basketball Stat and player generator based on user input. Will generate players and their stats based on user input.

Is that a challenge

Made by Allison Cross, Connie Liu, Sofie Duntugan, Audrey Wong, neo

An app to create groups with your friends and send each other challenges


Made by Sydell Asamoah, Suubi Magoola, Tiffany Zheng

Who is your music taste? Personify your listening.


Made by annikachang Chang, eassiradoo, ella-isgar

An app for Northeastern students where they can join carpools of students going to the same (or very close by) co-ops.


Made by DShrey Patel, Tian Herng (Adam) Tan, Jincheng Zhang, John Sargent, Leonid Belyae

Are you annoyed when unexpected construction causes road closure or unbearable noise? BPWorks aims to provide Boston residents daily updates on utility construction projects happening around.

Connect 4 Companion

Made by Sean Guiry, Gavin White, Ariel Shtivelberg, David Habboosh, Mohamad El Nayal

A versatile robot to face as an endless opponent at Connect-4!


Made by Maddy Venezia, Lucas Danburg, Leah Pascarelli

You wake up in a strange pyramid… with and even stranger cube… complete puzzles to escape to the desert”. You start inside a pyramid, and as you complete puzzles you rise to the top and escape! A VR game written in Unity with assets made in Blender.


Made by JingXuan Liu, layadang Dang, Connie Too, Aretha Chen

Your Unique Horoscope Dashboard Chrome Extension


Made by Lucas Sta Maria, Henry Barthelemy, Ezgi Bas

Cactus study lets you created tagged sets and cards then access these sets and review them. We are all for open source knowledge and access to sets are shared across all users. As users review their sets and learn their new material, a beautiful cactus grows and blooms.

Overgrown - Prune Your Tabs!

Made by Lucas Dunker, Nate Sawant, Dillon Scott, Shashank Jarmale, Devashish Sood

Overgrown is a solution to unorganized, cluttered, and mismanaged tabs; the more tabs you open, the more plants fill and overtake your screen!

personal decision making assistance

Made by Bich Nguyen, Huy Phan

Have you ever been stuck on making a simple decision? For example: “should I go on a coffee run?… it’s a bit chilly” well look no further, our personal decision making assistance is here to assist!

Boston Housing Analysis

Made by Annika Salpukas, Manvi Kottakota

Predicting next year’s rental prices for different Boston neighborhoods.


Made by Kaiyang Zheng

This project visualizes crime rates in Boston - allowing you to travel safe

Roommate Hub

Made by Hamsini Malli Sivakumar, anvitha-23 Nekkanti, Ananya Radhakrishnan, Grace Fleming, Mahek A, khushi4243

A home for all your roommate needs.

Northeastern CEO

Made by Anzhuo Wang, Eric Sun, Chris-N-Wu Wu, greatestblueheron Xu

What does it feel like to be in charge of a R1 research university? What is the meaning of being the CEO of a T50 university? In this state-of-the-art simulator, step into the shoes of a CEO at NEU.


Made by abbeyluss Lussier

I wanted to create a community based platform for thrifters in Boston to post clothes they found at thrift stores but chose not to take for themselves.

Python Search Algorithm Visualization

Made by Noah Young, Paritosh Singh, Jay Martinez, osebii

Want a fun interactive way to learn how different search algorithms work? Well we have you covered with our GUI python program that does just that.


Made by Fanny Zheng, Carly Wenig

Dive into a world of adventure and excitement


Made by Armaan Agrawal, Rajiv Iyer, Arthur Efremenko, Alec Tellez, Richard Zhao

Our app raises awareness on global issues like humanitarian crises and disasters. Get real-time updates and take action by connecting with organizations. Empower yourself to make a difference.

BASS Booster

Made by David Stephenson, sho-r1024, Ivan Rudyakov, beartackler

Everyone can Bass Boost Few can 🐟 Boost!

Recipe Generator

Made by Helen Miao, michelle-wilfred, gmanalang, Angela Zheng

This project is a recipe generator, designed to assist people who want to make meals with the food they have on hand. Users can search for recipes that contain the ingredients they input.


Made by Josefina Kummer

SunShare: app for roommates. Functions include: necessity wishlist; calendar to block out Do-Not-Disturb times and cleaning schedules; anonymous Ping for topics hard to discuss (hygiene concerns etc).

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